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Colin Marma: Missing Man Found Dead in Rockaway Beach

By Pamela Jun2,2024
Colin Marma Found Dead: Full Story & Details

The recent finding of the body of Colin Marma has had a significant impact on the whole Garrison community. Colin’s family and friends have been tirelessly looking for him for approximately two months, hoping he will return safely. Unfortunately, their worst fears were confirmed when Colin’s body was found near Rockaway Beach.

Who was Colin Marma?

Colin Albert Marma, a 26-year-old resident in Garrison, was a beloved son, friend and member of the larger community. With the diagnosis of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, life was challenging for Collins on most days. Yet he had caring parents who were always ready to do anything possible to help him get through it.

Colin last saw his relatives at his place of work, where he worked with Roland Heitmann, who happened to be his stepfather. Roland became suspicious when he noticed something unusual about Collin the morning before he disappeared. He seemed unsettled emotionally, indicating that there could be internal conflict within him.

Colin returned briefly to work before leaving, never to come home again that night. By February 2nd, as they failed to contact him every day, it was evident that something serious had gone wrong with him by then.

The Search and the Community Response

The search for Colin Marma began immediately after his disappearance. His 2004 Mercedes Benz was found in the Hamilton Heights neighbourhood of Manhattan, and the last sign of him was a purchase at Blessed Bar and Kitchen. This information provided a starting point for the search efforts led by his mother, Jeanne-Marie Fleming.

Every weekend, Jeanne-Marie, her family, and numerous community members walked around Manhattan, posting missing persons flyers and asking people to keep an eye out for Colin. They opened a website and a Facebook page called “Finding Colin” to coordinate group searches and volunteer work.

Jeanne-Marie was grateful for the support she received from friends, family members, and even people she didn’t know but who were kind enough to spend their time and resources helping her find him. One important organization in this case was Hope Alive 845, a Hudson Valley non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness about missing persons. Erin Daly-Spano has been working tirelessly with Jeanne-Marie Fleming in search of Colin.

Colin Marma Found Dead

Colin Marma’s body was found on the morning of March 27th at Rockaway Beach (Atlantic Ocean). It was discovered by a passerby who informed the police later on, thus ending the desperate search. The death of Colin had dire consequences not only for his immediate family but also for society at large. Jeanne-Marie Fleming described it as an overwhelmingly emotional moment: ‘It’s unfortunate for all of us. It has been tough for our family to process anything.’

Hope Alive 845 posted their condolences and messages of sorrow on their Facebook page after finding out about it. However, nothing is known about how he died, yet there have been emotional effects on those close to him.

Coping with Loss and Moving Forward

Colin Marma’s death has caused his family and friends to suffer from deep sorrow. It is a challenging task to deal with such an immense loss, mainly when it encompasses mental health issues. The importance of appreciating the impact of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder on individuals as well as their loved ones cannot be overstated. It requires empathy and understanding in most instances.

There are numerous services available for people battling mental disorders or dealing with grief over the loss of someone close:

  • Mental Health America: Provides resources and support for individuals struggling with mental health issues.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): Offers education, advocacy, and support for those affected by mental illness.
  • GriefShare: A network of support groups for people grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • Crisis Text Line: Offers free, 24/7 support for individuals in crisis via text.

Conclusion: Colin Marma Found Dead: Full Story & Details

Colin Marma’s tragic story serves as a painful reminder of the significance of understanding mental health and participating in community living. His family and friends are left to deal with an unspeakable tragedy. However, the actions of residents, such as Hope Alive 845, demonstrate the strength of communal efforts and compassion.

By Pamela

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