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Ghenya B. Grant: Expert Business & Entertainment Lawyer

By Pamela Jun1,2024
Ghenya B. Grant: Expert Business & Entertainment Lawyer

In the legal world, few indivisibly have such wide-ranging knowledge and experience as Ghenya B. Grant. She is a seasoned attorney whose ever-changing career path has spanned various industries, including business law, real estate law, sports/entertainment and intellectual property. This article discusses in detail the unique journey and professional accomplishments of Ghenya B. Grant by exploring her diverse areas of practice, educational background, and significant contributions to the legal profession.

Who is Ghenya B. Grant?

Ghenya B. Grant is synonymous with excellence and versatility in the legal industry. Her career is a testament to her expertise in handling complex legal matters across various fields of interest. From high-profile entertainment litigation to complicated real estate deals, Ms. Grant’s knowledge covers a wide range.

An Overview of Ms. Ghenya B. Grant’s Legal Career Journey

Her journey began at an entertainment and litigation firm, where she gained valuable experience working on employment discrimination cases and high-profile entertainment litigation. Also, through her work on music publishing matters, she developed skills that enabled her to easily switch back and forth between transactional work and litigating these issues.

Driven by her passion for law and vision to render legal services, Ms Grant set up her own business. At its inception, the firm served clients involved in property sales/purchases, bankruptcy filings, or labour-related hearings/arbitrations. Eventually, it grew into having an extensive entertainment practice that includes deals related to book publishing, sports–TV production/film, and music.

Deep Dive into Ms. Ghenya B. Grant’s Practice Areas

Entertainment & Media

Mrs Grant has made considerable strides in representing clients in different capacities in the media and entertainment industry. Such examples include:

  • Representing graphic designer targeted over infringement trademark case featuring internationally recognized NBA MVP.
  • Negotiating for a lighting designer with a NY theatre that starred Tony Award-winning former cast of Hamilton.
  • Acting as an advocate for book writers during their negotiations with theatre and stage producers in New York City.
  • Assisting a producer in negotiating with a music manager.

Intellectual Property

Ms. Grant’s expertise in copyright and trademark issues is clearly demonstrated. She has given invaluable advice regarding IP licensing while insisting on contract negotiation to protect her clients’ creative assets.

Real Estate

She has also represented corporations in mergers/acquisitions, facilitated asset acquisitions, and advised on commercial contracting in real estate. Her knowledge covers complicated transactions and negotiations, hence ensuring complete protection of client interests.

Educational Background and Bar Admissions

The strength of Ms.Grant’s foundational knowledge in law is credited to her impressive educational background. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Hampton University, New York Law School Juris Doctor (J.D.). Her bar admissions demonstrate further commitment to excellence:

  • New York
  • U.S. District Court Eastern District of New York
  • U.S. District Court Southern District of New York

Professional Associations and Experience

Her active participation in professional organizations and ample experience demonstrate her commitment to the legal field. She is an active member of the National Bar Association and has served as counsel on several non-profit corporations internally and as outside counsel. These areas include corporate governance, employment, technology, construction, compliance and intellectual property.

  • Notable examples of her work include:
  • Enlightening how she once represented a real estate company during an asset purchase.
  • Another example was when she counselled an NFL agent involved in an internal fee dispute.
  • On another occasion, she represented a Negro League Baseball player in negotiations with an author and publisher over option rights.


Ghenya B. Grant’s career epitomizes versatile competence paired with unwavering devotion to clients. Her numerous practice areas, vast experience, and educational grounding make her a force to be reckoned with in the legal industry. Ms. Grant’s contributions are indispensable whether one is delving into entertainment law complexities, defending intellectual property or brokering real estate deals.

Obtaining legal advice from a top-notch lawyer like Ghenya B. Grant will provide immense knowledge and proven records of achievements for those individuals who need it most desperately. You can contact her by telephone at (646) 921-7170 or email for more information about her services or to book an appointment now.

By Pamela

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