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The Journey of Kathleen Marie McLaughlin: From Marriage to Advocacy Amid Scandal

By Pamela May11,2024
The Journey of Kathleen Marie McLaughlin: From Marriage to Advocacy Amid Scandal

In a story that intertwines personal tragedy with a highly publicized scandal, Kathleen Marie McLaughlin, better known as Katie McLaughlin, exemplifies resilience and advocacy in the face of adversity. This post explores Katie’s narrative, from her marriage to Jared Fogle to her post-scandal life dedicated to child safety and privacy.

Who is Kathleen Marie McLaughlin?

Kathleen “Katie” McLaughlin is an Indiana-based teacher whose devotion to education was interwoven with one of the most shocking scandals to hit the fast-food sector. In addition to her professional presence, Katie became newsworthy as the second ex-wife of jailed former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle.

Kathleen Marie McLaughlin Marriage to Jared Fogle

Her life changed when she married Jared Fogle in August 2010 after being introduced by his brother at Indiana University. The union resulted in two children, namely Quinn and Brady, and lasted for five years until it ended abruptly following Fogle’s arrest for possessing child pornography in July 2015. Shortly after the arrest, Katie filed for divorce, which was finalized in November of that same year, leaving her devoted only to her young kids’ welfare and future. Although granted $7 million as part of their divorce settlement, no amount could compensate for emotional or psychological scars borne out of the scandal.

In response to this scandal, Katie sued Subway, where Fogle was its spokesperson. In October 2016, she filed a daring lawsuit that accused Subway of having foreknowledge about Jared’s misconduct towards underage persons, yet neither warned nor did anything to save Katie from being with such a person. Even though the case was thrown out in October 2017, it helped bring forward severe allegations against the company and raised questions about child protection and corporate accountability.

Post-Scandal Life and Advocacy

After coming out of the global scandal, which made international headlines, Katie devoted her time advocating for child safety and privacy. The life that followed this tragedy of being left alone with two babies whose father went astray involved navigating the complicated aftermath of his criminal activities for her kids. She has publicly stated that she will not hide any truths about their father’s actions but will ensure that they are brought up in a nurturing and safe environment. Her advocacy work goes beyond just her immediate family as it seeks to enlighten other children from becoming victims of predatory behaviors.


Kathleen Marie McLaughlin’s story is more than just a chapter in a high-profile scandal. It is a testament to the resilience of a woman who faced immense public scrutiny and personal betrayal but emerged determined to safeguard her children’s wellbeing and advance child safety at large. Katie’s tenacity and commitment to advocacy emphasize that we should always confront difficult topics no matter how impossible they seem. This journey serves as an example of indomitable spirits who desire change amidst personal or societal chaos.

In today’s world, where scandals often define people’s lives, Kathleen Marie McLaughlin writes her narrative filled with courage, advocacy, and hope for a safer future for all children.”

By Pamela

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