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Will Arnett Net Worth – Discover His Wealth Journey

By Pamela Jul4,2024
Will Arnett Net Worth - Discover His Wealth Journey

A Canadian actor, voice-over artist, and producer who boasts a highly successful career in show business is none other than Will Arnett. He has made a name for himself by playing Gob Bluth on Arrested Development due to his witty humor and distinctive voice. Many people know and love Will Arnett for his roles in such series as “Arrested Development” and “BoJack Horseman.” But behind the scenes lies a fascinating financial tale. In this blog post, we will explore Will Arnette net worth and his career highlights, both in terms of the wealth he has accumulated and his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Will Arnett Net Worth

Will Arnett net worth is around 45 million dollars. Acting, producing, and podcasting, in addition to endorsements, have all contributed to his wealth. We will now consider each of these cash flow channels one by one since they are vital to understanding just how he made it financially through life.


This superstar actor has performed in various film genres, including comedy-drama movies, which gave him acclaim, like “Arrested Development,” which received praise from critics and led to dedicated fans for those who knew him firsthand via TV screen. Additionally, his voicing work on the Lego Movie series or Bo Jack Horseman has earned him a considerable sum, too. He can boast billions raised by its films worldwide ($3.5 billion), which confirms relevant box office statistics.


In addition to acting, Arnett has delved into the production field as well. Examples include running Wilde or Flaked, where he was co-creator/executive producer, among others, which not only showed a different side but also added to his overall wealth.


One of the most profitable endeavors Arnett has recently been involved in is his podcast called “SmartLess,” which he co-hosts with Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes. Amazon paid between $60 and $80 million for exclusive distribution rights in 2021. In January 2024, Sirius XM Holdings secured a three-year deal for $100 million, making this podcast a substantial source of income.


Arnett has been collaborating with several major brands, including GMC and Netflix. His unique voice and relatable persona make him a highly sought-after ambassador.

SmartLess Podcast

Financial Milestones

“Smartness” became so popular it had a significant effect on Arnett’s net worth. After the Amazon deal in 2021 and just recently with the Sirius XM Holdings agreement, “Smartless” is among the highest-earning podcasts generating millions every year.

Popularity and Reach

This podcast has gained popularity because of its engaging content supplemented by the rapport between hosts. “Smartness” gathers a huge audience due to celebrity guests involved in deep conversations with Will Arnett, thus increasing his wealth even further.

Early Life and Career


Will Arnett was born on May 4, 1970, in Toronto, Canada, an early sign of what would become his future success story. He was encouraged by her mother to act at an early stage in life. It laid the groundwork for his acting career when he left high school for New York City, where he attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.

Initial Struggles

Arnette’s early pathway had many hurdles, for instance, consisting of several pilots as well as independent films that did not make it through. In 2000, he got into trouble drinking alcohol but managed to overcome it together with help from a friend who then reoriented himself back towards work again.

Achievements and Contributions

Iconic Roles

Arnett burst onto the scene as Gob Bluth in “Arrested Development,” a role that earned him critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of the eccentric magician. He has notched other roles in “BoJack Horseman,” “The Lego Movie,” and “30 Rock,” showing off his versatility.

Voice Acting

In animation, Arnett has left his mark with his deep, hoarse voice. He is one of the leading voice actors courtesy of his roles as Batman in The Lego Movie series and BoJack Horseman.

Industry Impact

Apart from the acting positions he played, Arnett’s approach to the entertainment industry was through more than one avenue. It provided an excellent platform where he positively influenced various aspects of this industry that will be remembered forever.

Conclusion: Will Arnett Net Worth – Discover His Wealth Journey

It shows how much dedication he has given towards his career in acting, which helped build Will Arnett net worth of $45 million. From struggling at the beginning to making great achievements along the way, Arnett’s career path is amazing. His indelible marks on entertainment, including iconic roles such as ‘SmartLess’ (success), further prove how influential he remains to date. It is hard to tell what impact Will will have on entertainment in the future, but it would be interesting to see how he shapes this space.

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By Pamela

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