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Exploring the DTE500: A Review for Audio Gear Collectors

By Pamela Feb23,2024
Exploring the DTE500: A Review for Audio Gear Collectors

Audiophiles always strive to get the best sound in a world of loud music. As an audiophile or collector with a discerning ear, you are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest audio technology. The Soundrhyme DTE500 In-ear Monitor (IEM) is a state-of-the-art product that has captured the attention of audiophiles because it offers premium sound performance at an attractive price.

This comprehensive review will dissect the DTE500 to reveal its acoustic abilities and ergonomic design, ensuring that you, as an audiophile or audio gear collector, get all the information needed to make an informed choice.

Revealing DTE500

Soundrhyme, a start-up manufacturer based in Xiamen, China, began operations in 2019 with one mission – making audio products that resonate with authentic sound. The DTE500 is their top model, which stands out due to its quality and innovation.

The Comfort and Design You Deserve

The DTE500 is an auditory delight and a visual and tactile one. Crafted with 3D High-Precision Printing Technology and utilizing EGGER skin-friendly resin, the IEM boasts a durable and comfortable shell designed to conform to the unique shape of your ear. Its comfort is further enhanced by a fit that feels custom with its seamless integration into the ear canal, achieving isolation that submerges you into the sound.

Three-Channel Audio Guidance System

Within the daringly sleek design dwells the Three Channel Audio Guidance System. This technical marvel separates low, intermediate, and high frequencies into distinct channels, delivering a balanced and natural audio output. With moderate reverberation and a clear sense of hierarchy, each frequency band is given its due, resulting in a harmonious listening experience.

Technical Specifications Unveiled

The DTE500 is engineered with precision, featuring a powerful 1 Dynamic Driver (DD) combined with Sonion and Knowles balanced armatures (BAs) and Sonion Electrostatic Drivers (EST). These drivers collectively harness an impedance of 17Ω and offer a frequency response spanning 20Hz to 22kHz. Connectivity is standardized with a 2-pin 0.78mm connector, providing versatility with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm plug options, all linked via a Silver-Plated Mixed Cable for optimal signal transmission.

The Audiophile’s Palette: Diving into the Sound

Sound quality evaluation is paramount for audiophiles, and the DTE500 does not disappoint. It presents a lush, colorful, and liquid sound profile that is smooth and natural, with a richness that celebrates each complex audio nuance.

Bass That Defines

The DTE500’s bassy mid-centric approach, coupled with a sub-bass boost, creates a velvety and robust foundation. It resonates with warmth and density, underlining the mid-range beautifully and making it well-suited for genres that benefit from a textured, impactful low-end, such as R&B and soul. The bass may lack the required agility for fans of genres with intricate rhythm structures, but this quality only enhances the IEM’s charm for many listeners.

Midrange Magic

The mids on the DTE500 are a treasure trove for enthusiasts of vocals and string instruments. They are presented with a captivating buttery timbre that gives a detailed and articulate image. The lush presence creates an immersive and emotional encounter with music, especially in acoustic settings where each note is given its deserved purity and body.

High Frequencies: The EST Elegance

The Sonion Electrostatic Drivers handle the high frequencies, contributing a smooth and bright delivery that accentuates the finer details in the audio spectrum. The highs are rich and full, offering a sense of air and spaciousness without hinting at sibilance, adding a layer of refinement akin to higher-priced offerings.

Comparison with the Expected

The DTE500 exceeds expectations with its commendable sound performance, particularly its ability to harmonize a bass-forward approach with detailed mids and extended highs. This balance leads to an engaging and articulate listening experience, with a touch of musicality that is often elusive in monitors of similar price ranges.

Price-Performance Evaluation

Priced at $460, the DTE500 is a testament to Soundrhyme’s ability to offer exceptional value without skimping on quality. Its sound signature, rich in musical characteristics, competes effectively against more expensive models, making it a compelling choice for audiophiles keen to explore new horizons without breaking the bank.


The DTE500 by Soundrhyme emerges as a formidable prospect among the vast ocean of IEMs. Its blend of ergonomic design, premium construction, and outstanding sound quality make it a choice worth considering for both the discerning audiophile and the avid audio gear collector.

For those searching for an IEM that marries a pleasing aesthetic with a balanced sound output, the DTE500 is an alluring option. It delivers a performance that meets the standards and exceeds them, inviting the audience to indulge in a realm of audio perfection that Soundrhyme has artfully crafted.

By Pamela

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