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Exploring the Joe Bidome Meme: A Deep Dive into Internet Culture

By Pamela Feb23,2024
Exploring the Joe Bidome Meme: A Deep Dive into Internet Culture

Imagine entering the strange world of meme culture where the unreal and satirical blend turns into a regular thing. In this digital palace, every meme is not just a funny picture with some words—it is a cultural symbol that catches the moment unexpectedly and humorously. One example of such a phenomenon was the Joe Bidome meme that brought together politics, comedy, and the most improbable architecture. This comprehensive exploration is not just for meme lovers but anyone looking to understand the nuances of online trends and their far-reaching impact.

Understanding the Joe Bidome Meme

Description and Origin

The Joe Bidome meme burst onto the internet after the 2020 election as a surreal manifestation of political humor. This meme features a photoshopped image of the then-President-elect Joe Biden’s face stretched bizarrely over a three-dimensional dome. The image’s creator, known as theory, introduced the Bidome to the world on Reddit in tribute to a previous meme, the Obamium, which featured Barack Obama’s visage in a similar geometric form.

The Joe Bidome meme is more than an arbitrary distortion of Joe Biden’s image—it’s a testament to the internet’s creativity and ability to conflate disparate concepts into a single, shareable image. The peculiar shape of the dome and the unpredictable presence of Biden’s face served as an aesthetic gag that resonated with the abnormal palate of internet humor.

Comparison to the Obamium Meme

The Joe Bidome meme was no stranger to the existing framework of internet culture—it was born from the same fabric that gave rise to the Obamium and countless other memes. In a broader context, it continues a long-standing tradition of politicians’ faces being the canvas for media manipulation. It follows in the footsteps of the Obamium, a derivative of a broader meme trend that saw Obama’s image placed on various geometric solids, playing off the stereotype of his larger-than-life public persona.

However, Joe Bidome’s extremist distortion and bipartisan implications gave it a unique flavor. It managed to carve out its niche in the meme canon, embracing the rampant absurdity that made it a hit among many internet users.

Impact on Social Media

Spread and Popularity on Reddit

The Joe Bidome meme quickly gained traction on Reddit, serving as a perfect storm for social media virality. As with many memes, its success was predicated on timing—it emerged at a pivotal moment in American politics when Internet culture was awash with election news and commentary.

The meme’s satirical approach to the newly elected president’s image provided light-hearted relief to a politically charged atmosphere, making it an attractive proposition for a platform like Reddit, known for its large and diverse user base. It was a prime example of how Reddit’s meme ecosystem can quickly adapt and propagate content, especially one that is unique and pixelated in its presentation.

Memetic Evolution and Variations

Like all successful memes, the Joe Bidome did not rest on its laurels. It underwent numerous evolutions and mutations as creative users put their spin on the original concept. The Bidome was not merely a meme—it splintered into multiple variations, each more surreal than the last.

The images became increasingly elaborate, with some experimenting with 3D versions of the Bidome that users could spin and manipulate. The creativity in these iterations demonstrated the community’s willingness to play with the meme’s core concept, showcasing the flexibility and versatility of meme culture.

Engagement with Meme Lovers

Analyzing Why the Meme Resonated with the Audience

The absurdity of the Joe Bidome meme captured the imagination of meme lovers and casual social media users alike. Its outlandishness starkly contrasted the highly polished and curated images of political figures that typically dominate the media landscape.

With Biden’s image contorted onto a dome, the sheer oddity of the Bidome spoke to a deeper cultural phenomenon—our willingness to both revere and ridicule our public figures in equal measure. This duality is a characteristic of meme culture that makes it simultaneously subversive and endearing.

Community Reactions and Responses

The Joe Bidome sparked a heated online discourse as it found its way into meme-centric communities. Users reveled in the ridiculousness of the image, celebrating its creativity and commending its humorous take on the political establishment.

The meme-inspired many discussions about politics, the nature of internet humor, and its role in shaping public opinion and discourse. It reflected the millennial and Gen Z’s preference for absurd humor that often arises as a critique of mainstream institutions and media.


The Joe Bidome meme was a fleeting yet significant moment in internet culture that demonstrated the power of the digital collective in transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. As we look back on this peculiar slice of meme history, it serves as a reminder of the internet’s role as a crucible for creativity and community.

By Pamela

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